we cannot sow seeds with clenched fists. to sow, we must open our fists.

no podemos sembrar con los puños cerrados. para sembrar, hay que abrir los puños.

- adolfo pérez esquivel

a small flower farm in rose hill, kansas

I came upon this business of growing cut flowers when i decided to quit grad school to work on a farm in Lawrence, KS. As I became acquainted with the flowers, I fell in love. It quickly became apparent that I wanted to start my own flower operation.

The land where I grow has been in my family since the late 1960s. There are lots of acres, but since I only started in 2017 and want it to be sustainable, I am farming less than an acre. 

I would have preferred to use a no-till method of farming on the land, but needed to get into the soil to start growing more quickly than that would have allowed. Instead, I have opted to till once and make raised beds that will be permanent. 

In case you wonder, I do not use synthetic insecticides or herbicides. I do try to outsmart the pests by planting herbs throughout the rows and making the soil and plants so healthy that the pests can't bother them. This is a big task, but worth it.