Honey Butter Blooms is a small flower farm in Rose Hill, KS.

In addition to growing flowers, I create whimsical, nature-inspired arrangements for the oldtown farmers' market in wichita, events, and for delivering to special people.

My farming methods are simple:

I use compost and mulch to build my soil and strategic plant-pairings for pest control. To keep deer away, I use fencing and strategically placed garden gnomes.

I am experimenting with a "one-till" method in an effort to reduce labor, weeds, and stress on the soil (I will let you know how it works). 

Most* of my flowers are raised, harvested, and arranged by me. 

*Some of the filler and flowers I've harvested were planted by my Grammy, and others by my Mom

*Some of what I harvest is foraged, so maybe a bird planted it

*If I agree to an event and find myself without enough flowers, I will call on my fellow Kansas flower farmers to fill the order

*I will never source flowers from a wholesaler - If I cannot fill the order with local flowers, I will not accept the order

Here are some photos of the place I've been talking so much about.